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Our 3D animation services help our clients communicate more effectively and win bids

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3D Architectural fly-throughs and still images

Enhance your proposals through context, space and time and enable people to walk through projects before they are built

Imagine flying through a virtual electronic representation of your architectural development before even laying the foundations of the project.

Impact Multimedia creates realistic 3D Fly-throughs and still images, enabling you to walk people through your future projects before they are built. We can work from architectural drawings and ensure that our 3D models accurately reflect your specification to represent the completed development before it is built.


Construction animation and 3D-Visualization

Win bids by showcasing your future construction and infrastructure projects with clarity and proficiency

The use of animation and 3D-Visualisation delivers an extremely realistic representation of real-world construction projects - before they have commenced. This enables you to save time and costly miscommunication with stakeholders by delivering realistic depth and clarity of your construction methodology. Our solutions simplify the delivery of complex and technical information and can illustrate all aspects of construction and infrastructure projects.

We have been working with the construction industry for over 15 years, so we speak your language and offer strong technical knowledge to transform all aspects of your construction and infrastructure projects into animation and 3D-Visualization.

We engage with you to understand your project in detail. No matter how complex the project, we understand your needs and can work to tight timeframes to create the best possible outcome for you.

Technical and process animation

Illustrate complex ideas, processes or systems in a graphical and engaging manner

Using graphical animation, our technical and process animation services allow you to communicate ideas, processes or systems in a graphical and engaging manner. We work from both standard CAD formats, referencing images and/or physical products to create accurate diagrams.

Showcase product designs and functionality with clarity, creative freedom and within budget. Our controlled lighting, textures, camera work and exploded assemblies help flaunt your product, whether it be an existing or in prototype stage. The use of 3D visualisation can replicate a very realistic result.

With the addition of physical simulation and manual animation processes, technical instructions can be interpreted into an informative and comprehensive presentation for your target audience.

Impact Multimedia is highly experienced in technical and process animation within the engineering industry. Our 3D content and animations have been effective in demonstrating complex products and systems for both marketing and training.

Interactive educational media

Engage audiences when you need to present complex and detailed information

Impact Multimedia can create stunning and organised presentations where audiences require navigation through complex and detailed information.

Impact Multimedia will incorporate 3D, visual, text and audio content into an engaging user-friendly environment. Your interactive package will be delivered on a DVD, flash storage, online/web and mobile devices.