We understand the design process, the timeframes and the reviews. Our dedicated visualisation team bring together experience, and expertise to increase flexibilty of service and streamline the feedback loop.

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Our team

Thinking creatively, exploring new ideas

We promote an atmosphere that encourages creative thinking, exploring new ideas and contributing to the success of our clients' solutions. We are committed to creating a culture and support structure that lets our team live balanced lives, promote our values and continuously improve their professional abilities.

Our vision

To be the best at what we do

Our vision encompasses both our desire to be the best at what we do and our promise and commitment to deliver the best solutions for our clients - on time and within budget. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand each of our clients' unique business requirements.

Impact Multimedia 2017 team

Shane Gates

Managing Director

Shane brings a unique skill set of technical thinking, artistic vision and a deep knowledge of 3D production which enables him to quickly grasp his clients' vision, engineer a solution and bring their vision to life.

His passion for visual explanation and its benefit in technical communication and education was apparent from an early age. Shane's overriding of 'how things work' made it clear a career in mechanical engineering would provide the right subjective content to pique his interest.

Leveraging Computer Aided Drawing (CAD), Shane began to see the power that computers could contribute to visual communication. In 1994 Shane got his hands on a version of 3D Studio Max. From that moment Shane saw his destiny in bringing to life complex processes spatially in 3D, culminating in the founding of Impact Multimedia.

Shane's vision for immersing people in 'human scale' information has become mainstream more recently with the uptake of Virtual Reality. He believes that this is a watershed moment for education, where people will reach a previously unrealised potential of comprehension for 'how things work'.

Impact Multimedia 2017 team

Albert Pui

Creative Director

Albert Pui, is a rare breed of virtuoso.

As an incredible 3D artist he brings CGI to life with amazing realism. As a project manager he draws the best from his team to deliver service beyond his clients' expectation and as a musician can effortlessly produce complex original tracks and high quality renditions.

By day Albert is the co-founder and Creative Director that drives Impact Multimedia's production, helping their high profile clients win business by bringing their visions to life. His high industry standing can be attributed to his meticulous eye for aesthetic detail and the relentless pursuit of delivering a sustainable solution of superior quality coupled with exception technical expertise is born from 12 years of applied experience. By night, Albert is an experienced martial arts instructor and die hard Metallica fan.

Sounds like a superhero, huh? Well, we think he is and when he delivers your next project, you will too.